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Teaching English in China

There are as many Chinese students studying English in China as there are people living in the United States! These more than 300 million students recognize that English opens doors to career opportunities that no other language offers.  Our ability to teach these students English and provide personal help with regular tutoring and language practice meets a huge need. The whole experience is extremely rewarding for both teacher and student.  Here’s what one of our staff members had to say about teaching English in China.

Meeting a need in Northern Asia not only answers that need but also gives 
tremendous favor with local officials and helps to open doors to
closed areas. It allows you to be show God’s love in a tangible way. – Northern Asia staff member

Training for Teachers

The Northern Asia English Program provides TESOL certification (link to http://www.americantesol.com/) for all teachers willing to come serve.  Whether you have teaching experience or not, this training will equip you for success in classroom and individual language learning settings.

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If you are interested in learning more about teaching in China, simply click here. Fill out and submit the form.  A Northern Asia representative will contact you within 5 days.

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